HiPS (Hierarchical Progressive Surveys) is a way to store large astronomical survey sky image and catalog datasets on servers (such as HiPS at CDS), that allows clients to efficiently fetch only the image tiles or catalog parts for a given region of the sky they are interested in. Similar to Google maps, but for astronomy (see the HiPS paper).

This is a Python package to fetch and draw HiPS data.

It was just started in summer of 2017 and isn’t stable or feature complete yet. Feedback and contributions welcome!

Other resources

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This package is being developed as part of Google Summer of Code 2017 program by Adeel Ahmad, with Thomas Boch (CDS, Strasbourg) and Christoph Deil (MPIK, Heidelberg) as mentors. We would like to thank Google, CDS, MPIK for their support!

If you’re interested, you should follow Adeel’s blog: https://adl1995.github.io/

Also: thanks to the Astropy team for developing and maintaining the affiliated package-template and the ci-helpers! The recently introduced cookie-cutter makes it even quicker to set up a new package like this one in a good, maintainable way.