hips Package

A Python astronomy package for HiPS : Hierarchical Progressive Surveys.

At the moment a client for HiPS images, but other contributions (HiPS catalogs or HiPS image generation) welcome!


fetch_tiles(tile_metas, hips_survey, …) Fetch a list of HiPS tiles.
healpix_to_hips(hpx_data, tile_width, base_path) Convert HEALPix image to HiPS.
healpix_to_hips_tile(hpx_data, tile_width, …) Create single hips tile from healpix data given a tile index.
make_sky_image(geometry, …) Make sky image: fetch tiles and draw.
test([package, test_path, args, plugins, …]) Run the tests using py.test.


HipsDrawResult(image, geometry, tile_format, …) HiPS draw result object (sky image and more).
HipsPainter(geometry, …) Paint a sky image from HiPS image tiles.
HipsSurveyProperties(data) HiPS properties container.
HipsSurveyPropertiesList(data) HiPS survey properties list.
HipsTile(meta, raw_data) HiPS tile container.
HipsTileAllskyArray(meta, raw_data) All-sky tile array container.
HipsTileMeta(order, ipix, file_format, …) HiPS tile metadata.
WCSGeometry(wcs, width, height) Sky image geometry: WCS and image shape.